Update from Choti Sardarni, Janauray 1: Meher is divided between her son and her family

In the last episode of Choti Sardarni , Meher is worried about the decision, Harleen He has asked you to do.

Sarab he sees her tense and to cheer her up he sings a song and Param joins them.

Kulwant is worried because everyone is helping and supporting Jitto in the house. Yuvi complains to Kulwant that others are going for a movie and not taking him with them.

Sarab gets the news about the hospital being built, which was his dad’s dream. He is very happy about it, asks Meher to come with him and approve the structure of the hospital.

Meher refuses, but Sarab insists her to come. Harleen sees Sarab and Meher walking towards the car and Harleen leaves in the car without them.

Sarab and Meher leave in another car. Sarab starts singing a romantic song in the car and asks Meher to join him in singing, she too starts singing.

Sarab and Meher reach the site but Sarab refuses to go by the trolley lift because it can prove to be dangerous for Meher's pregnancy. Sarab picks up Meher and climbs up the stairs.

Jitto puts eye drops and closes her eyes. She calls Yuvi to hand her a comb, but Kulwant s hears her and gives Jitto a comb by sticking a chewing gum on it.

Jitto combs her hair and the chewing gets stuck in her hair. Kulwant s tells Yuvi that he must ask Jitto to take him for the movie.

Sarab asks Meher, who does she think are the important people in his life and mentions that she is one of them.