Government of Pakistan will present draft amendment for the extension of Bajwa as army chief

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistani government is expected to submit a draft amendment to Parliament on Friday to validate the three-year extension to the Army General.

The country's Supreme Court in December had claimed that the country's Army Law lacks clauses to justify the extension of Bajwa and ordered the government to legislate on the extension/re-election of the head of the Pakistan Army.

Prime Minister Imran Khan On Wednesday, he led a cabinet meeting to approve the proposed amendments to the Constitution and Army Law, Dawn said.

The government will also present the draft amendment in Parliament on Friday after reaching a consensus with the opposition on the matter. Bajwa turns 60 this year.

Un miembro del gabinete que asistió a la reunión del miércoles dijo que las enmiendas exigían extender el límite de edad máxima del jefe del ejército a 64 años en caso de extensión. Sin embargo, el límite de edad regular del personal del Jefe del Ejército será de 60 años. Además, será decisión del Prime Minister si se debe otorgar una extensión.

Prime Minister Khan had extended Bajwa's tenure for another three years on August 19, 2019.

The extension was then challenged because it is offensive to Article 243 (4) (b) of the Constitution. The case was initially presented by the Jurists Foundation, but after requesting the withdrawal of the case, the court decided to take it against him. During the hearing, the court explored the scope of article 243 of the Constitution and the Pakistan Army Act of 1952.

On November 28, the court extended Bajwa's term for six months and ordered the government to enact a law regulating those appointments. The detailed 43-page written verdict on the case was published on December 16.

The ruling stated that the matter is being handed over to parliament to avoid such mistakes in the future. He also urged parliament to assign a position for the post of the army chief.

He added that the federal government had included the word, extension, during the hearing held on November 26, however, the legislation was incorrect as it did not mention the details of the period of service of the army chief and the retirement age.

In announcing the order, the court granted the government six months for legislation on the matter of parliament.