How risk capital financing was carried out in 2019

The amount of risk money invested in China plummeted by more than 50% to approximately $ 50 billion in 2019 from a record of $ 112 billion in 2018, when it surpassed the US. UU., According to the market research firm Preqin. Venture Capital Financing He fell in the United States too, but only a little. China saw only 15 new unicorns, or new businesses worth at least $ 1 billion, below 35 the previous year, according to CB Insights. The plummeting coincided with a loss of confidence in some of the industry's key names, exemplified by the rocky debuts of WeWork and Uber . While Alibaba raised $ 13 billion in a milestone offered by Hong Kong, smaller names like SenseTime and Full Truck Alliance struggled to raise capital. Here is a look.

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