Mazya Navryachi Bayko Update, January 1: Gurunath plans to meet Saumitra's father

In the recent episode of Mazya Navryachi Bayko , Saumitra & Radhika Organize pooja at home. On the other hand, Shanaya's mother argues with Shanaya about Gurunath’s odd behavior. Shanaya asks her mom why she has given Gurunath two days time to prove himself. Shanaya 's mom says she is going to be a businesswoman in the near future & she can use him as her assistant. Shanaya ’s mom promises Shanaya to do everything for her.

On the other side, Saumitra & Radhika take blessings of their families after the pooja. Gurunath ’s father blesses Saumitra & Radhika . Later, Saumitra calls his dad & asks him to attend the puja but the latter refuses to come.

Later, Gurunath goes to meet Saumitra ’s father at his office. Gurunath asks the receptionist that he wants to meet Saumitra ’s father but the latter informs that he ( Saumitra ’s father) doesn’t meet anyone without appointments. Gurunath introduces himself as Saumitra ’s friend & requests for an appointment. She then leaves on some important work.

Gurunath sees this as a golden opportunity to meet Saumitra 's father.