Gourab Mondal and Jasmine Roy enjoy an exotic trip to Thailand

Well, 2020 is finally here. Around the world, people welcomed the New Year In different ways. Some celebrated a lot, spent time with the family while some decided to go on a trip. Actor Gourab Mondal It belongs to the third category. The actor is on vacation in Bangkok, Thailand . He welcomed the New Year far away from the country. His rumoured girlfriend Jasmine Roy He also accompanies him on this exotic trip.

Well, Gourab is a true travel enthusiast and, apart from celebrating a lot on December 31, the actor explored mainly different places in Bangkok. From water rides to exploring the local streets of Bangkok, the couple enjoys their trip to the fullest.

Gourab is playing the lead role in Kone Bou. His character on Parijat screen has gray tones. Gourab enjoys his role very much.

The actor is quite popular with the public and has many programs, including Bedini Moluar Kotha, Om Namah Shivaya, Arabbya Rajani and others.

Jasmine is also a popular actress. She is currently busy with the Trinayani program, in which she is playing a negative role. Jasmine and Gourab met during the Arabbya Rajani program and gradually fell in love.