Kota infant deaths: Mayawati hits Priyanka Gandhi for her silence

LUCKNOW: Supreme BSP Mayawati Thursday indirectly criticized the Secretary General of Congress Priyanka Gandhi Vadra about his silence about the death of about 100 children in Kota last month.

Terming it as extremely sad and painful, Mayawati on wrote that the Ashok Gehlot-led state government remains insensitive and irresponsible towards it, which is extremely condemnable.

In another post, Mayawati said that what was sadder is the top leadership of the Congress and, in particular, its woman general secretary staying silent on the issue.

Mayawati stated that like, it would have been better if the general secretary would have met the mothers, who lost their children due to the negligence of the state government.

He added that if the female secretary general of Congress will not visit Kota to meet the mothers who lost their children, then their meetings with families of victims in Uttar Pradesh will be considered for political interest and drama.