The resolution of the Kerala Assembly against CAA has no legal or constitutional validity: governor

TRIVANDRUM: The governor said Thursday that the resolution passed by the Kerala Assembly against the Citizenship (Amendment) Law has no legal or constitutional validity.

This resolution has no legal or constitutional validity because citizenship is exclusively a central issue. This doesn't really mean anything, Khan told the media.

The state assembly on Tuesday approved a resolution seeking the withdrawal of the amended law.

The law grants citizenship to Hindu, Sikh, Jain, parsis, Buddhist and Christian refugees from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh who arrived in India on December 31, 2014 or earlier.

Since the resolution was passed, the state government has faced the anger of BJP leaders in the Center.

Yesterday, the Minister of Law of the Union said that there is a constitutional obligation in each state to implement the laws made by.

The BJP leader also said that the state has insulted Parliament by passing the resolution.