The U.S. consulate warns employees as shootings shake the Mexican border city

CITY: The US consulate in the border city of Mexico issued a security alert on Wednesday, warning and urging government employees to take precautions.

The shootings have killed at least three people this week in the northern city that borders the city of Laredo in Texas, the media said. It is one of the Mexican cities where the United States government has sent asylum seekers to wait while their cases are decided.

The consulate has received reports of multiple shootings throughout the city of Nuevo Laredo, he said in a publication. United States government personnel are advised to take shelter there.

On Twitter, the alleged users of Laredo reported hearing shots from the neighboring Mexican city.

In a Twitter post on Wednesday night, Francisco Cabeza de Vaca, the governor of Tamaulipas, the home of the state of Nuevo Laredo, blamed the attacks on his Northeast Cartel.

After the cowardly attacks by the Northeast Cartel in Nuevo Laredo, the (Tamaulipas government) will not lower its guard and continue to act strongly against criminals, he wrote.

The tension on the cartels intensified in November when alleged cartel members massacred three women and six children of American and Mexican origin in northern Mexico.

American president Donald Trump He has threatened to designate the groups as terrorist organizations in response to a series of bloody security violations triggered by cartel gunmen.