Karthika Deepam Update, January 1: Karthik decides to keep Sourya away

In the last episode of Karthik to Deepa m , Sourya call Karthik and asks him not to get lunch as she will do. Karthik refuses to accept lunch adding that Soundarya will get it for him and Hima. Soundarya pretends to be ill forcing him to accept Sourya’s offer.

At home, Bhagyam tries to know the fate of Deepa and Shravya from the fortuneteller. The fortuneteller in turn advises her to treat Deepa as her own daughter and try to help her reunite with her husband. Talking about Shravya, the soon to be mom, the fortuneteller suggests Bhagyam to raise the boy and girl child equally.

Sourya asks Deepa about the reason behind her differences with Karthik and her exile. Deepa tries to evade the topic. Sourya notices Deepa breaking into tears. Deepa vows to fight all odds for the sake of her kids.

At the hospital, Karthik is seen pondering over Sourya’s behavior. He realises that his life is being controlled by others. He determines to be rude to Sourya to keep her away. He shouts at his staff member for not cleaning up the mess in his cabin. He asks him about his name plate. Deepa is seen holding the name plate.