Organ donation must be mandatory: Krishnakoli actor Neel Bhattacharya

Neel Bhattacharya He is one of the most popular actors of Bengali television. In ' Krishnakoli He is playing the character of Nikhil, who is a responsible and mature guy. Nikhil It is socially conscious and nurtures a modern mentality.

Like his on-screen character, Neel is quite responsible and always at the forefront when it comes to social problems. The actor, who recently completed the filming of a music video, opened in a candid chat and talked about ‘ Organ donation That is the theme of his next musical release too.

“World will be a much better place to live, if we start stretching our hands towards others. I recently completed a music video, which talks about Organ donation . I agreed to do the project since the topic is very important and we should be vocal about it,” says Neel.

The actor shared that he has seen his relatives signing up for Organ donation and believes it should be made mandatory.

He said, “Personally, I believe, Organ donation should be made mandatory. We all have some emotions towards our near and dear ones. It is very hard to cope-up with the trauma of losing someone close to us. But I believe, donating the organs will not only help others in dire need but also is a humanitarian way to pay respect to the departed soul.”

Speaking of patients who urgently need an organ transplant in different hospitals, he said: “We certainly live a privileged life. Just think of those patients who urgently need an organ transplant. There is a long waiting list for such patients. Can't we do something for them?

When singer Parama Dasgupta contacted Neel for the music video, he accepted the same thing for the subject. The music video was filmed in different places of Maharashtra . Neel said, “I was keen on doing a Hindi project. And what could be best other than this music video which talks about Organ donation . Parama is a very talented singer and the topic is socially relevant too. I am doing a Mumbai-based project for the first time and very thrilled about it. Our shooting location included Lonavla and other places I really enjoyed filming.

The actor is quite a busy bee and had to take a few days off from his show ‘Krishnakoli’. Neel said, “Apart from the cast and crew of the upcoming music video, I am thankful towards team Krishnakoli. They always encourage me. ”