The famous chef Saransh Goila shares his secret advice

The cute chef who touched everyone with his talent when he won the Food Food Maha Challenge is the founder of the popular restaurant Goila Butter Chicken, based in Mumbai, author of the India on my platter travel notebook, which chronicles his journey through India and host of several television programs. shows. He is currently the brand ambassador for US Cranberries and in a brief talk with him he gave us valuable information about the culinary world and also revealed some less known facts about his life.

Tell us something about your years of growth. Was it since then that you were interested in cooking?

I was the boy who was playing in the kitchen. Everyone who knew me knew that I was interested in cooking. My grandfather was passionate about cooking and I owe him a lot. He was the one who lit that fire inside me for the culinary arts. After completing my education, I decided to become a chef.

Do you think success has to do with hard work? Or do you also need the same amount of luck?

I think it's a mixture of both, but hard work is important. And it is something that is totally under your control. Luck is important, but if you have not worked hard for your dreams, then they will not come true.

What is your opinion about modern Indian cuisine in restaurants that involves a lot of science and molecular gastronomy?

Have you ever wondered the logic behind the presentation of a sambhar foam, idli caviar with truffle oil, raspberry puree and coconut snow along with an onion emulsion when you can really enjoy the healthy dish without worrying so much?

To be honest, simple and traditional dishes have a special place in my heart. They are what I grew up eating, but modern styles and methods offer a unique perspective on such dishes. They offer a touch as simple as a change in texture or flavor that can have a tremendous impact on the entire plate. I think trying these recipes can be an interesting experience and you shouldn't miss those. After all, variety is the spice of life.

What is it about Indian cuisine that you think cannot be replicated anywhere in the world?

The way Indian cuisine uses so many spices and condiments. Mixing so many flavors and getting a rich curry at the end that is full of all kinds of flavors is something you won't find anywhere else in the world.

What is the best, easiest and, of course, the healthiest way to incorporate superfoods like blueberries into the Indian diet?

Cranberry is surprisingly easy to use. Simply mix it in your lassi or raita, or mix it in your morning milkshake. You can even add it to cornflakes for a tasty breakfast or pickle it.

You've lost a lot of weight in a moment, what was the secret of your diet, besides exercise?

Eat the right thing and that is no secret. If you monitor the macronutrients you consume during the day, it should be fine. Just remember not to eat too much and strive for the right balance. Even healthy things like fruits and nuts can easily throw it away.

Share some easy cooking tricks with our readers that only chefs know.

Organizing is the key to a professional kitchen. Keeping everything tidy and in order is vital. Invest in some quality knives, learn when, where and how to use them and keep them sharp. A cutting edge blade is more likely to cut you when you're cutting something.

Share some simple party tips for Times Food readers.

Jelly shots are super easy and fun for everyone. You can always make some salted caramel popcorn and they are super easy to make and amazing to serve a great gathering of people.

What is that thing you love to do apart from cooking?

I love watching movies. I've seen around 5000 movies and I don't plan to stop soon. In my free time, I like to be indoors and put something nice to watch on television or the computer.