Kahaan Hum update Kahaan Tum, January 1: Rani demands money from Rohit, warns him about Pooja

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum update, January 1: Rani demands money from Rohit warns you about Pooja

In the latest episode of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum, Rohit lies to Sonakshi and tells him that he has gone to visit a patient.

YK says that they must get rid of Rani, or else they will lose Pooja.

Iqbal bhai comes in to get Sonakshi’s signature for payment check, says that her mother has asked her to give her signature.

Sonakshi asks Iqbal bhai to tell her mom to come at her shoot location.

Pooja wants to go for a party with her friends but Nishi does not allow her. Rani tells Pooja she can go to the party, and helps her pick a dress for the party.

Rohit calls Rani and asks her to meet him outside the house in private.

Pari inform Rohan that she is alone at home, Rohan leaves to meet her.

Rohit meets Rani, but has no idea that Sonakshi’s shoot is happening nearby.

Rani tells Rohit that if Sonakshi gets to know he was involved in the plan, she will leave him. Rohit ’s driver inform him that Sonakshi ’s shoot is happening nearby and they immediately leave that place.

Rani tells Rohit she needs her money.

Sonakshi tells her mother that she is upset because of the decision she made about giving the check to her.

Sonakshi makes her mom understand that she also has the right to get her earnings, and tells her mother to accept the check.

Tanya reaches Pari's house and she is shocked to see her. Tanya tells Pari how disappointed she is that Rohan is cheating on her. Tanya says the girl is using her.

Rohan reaches outside Pari's house. The doorbell rings and Tanya goes to open the door.

Mr. Shinde gives Sonakshi a letter, to hand it over to Rani and says that it is an important letter for her. Sonakshi sees a seal of police station on the letter and wonders what is it for.