Carlos Ghosn used one of the two French passports to flee from Japan

TOKYO: ex Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn who fled to Lebanon To avoid a Japanese trial, he was carrying one of his two French passports, local media said Thursday, while launching an investigation into the embarrassing security period.

Ghosn, who faces multiple charges of financial misconduct he denies, won bail in April but with strict conditions, which include a travel ban abroad.

His principal lawyer, Junichiro Hironaka, said the lawyers have three passports belonging to the international magnate, who holds French, Brazilian and Lebanese nationalities.

But the public broadcaster NHK said the court had allowed him to keep a second French passport as long as he kept it in a locked case held by his lawyers.

There is no emigration data showing Ghosn's departure from Japan but he entered Lebanon on a French passport, NHK said.

Prosecutors and police are ready to begin an investigation into the impressive escape, suspecting that he left illegally, NHK said.

Authorities plan to analyze the images of the security camera of their residence and other places where they suspect that Ghosn appeared before fleeing, NHK said.

Police suspect that several people accompanied him to help him escape, he added.

Immediate confirmation of the report was not available.

When their defense attorneys were asking for bail, prosecutors said it was a risk of escape with powerful connections, but Ghosn himself had said he wanted to be tried to prove his innocence.

One of his lawyers also said it was such a famous face that he had no chance to escape without being detected.

Some countries allow people to have two passports of the same nationality, for reasons that include traveling to nations in conflict with each other.