First look at 'Shaheed Bhai Kotwal': Ashutosh Patki looks fierce and promising with a gun

After revealing the identity of the main actress, Routuja Bagwe who will be seen playing the role of Bhai Kotwal's wife, Indu. Now, the creators have presented the first poster with Ashutosh Patki , who is ready to portray the character of a social reformer and freedom fighter, Vitthal Laxman Kotwal aka «Shaheed Bhai Kotwal» directed by Eknath Desale and Parag Sawant.

Looks like all those months of keeping his look guarded and under hats has paid off as the actor looks intense with his gun as he ready to fight against the British. The poster features Ashutosh Patki front and center amidst a backdrop British flag which is burning.


Born as Vitthal Laxman Kotwal, Bhai was a social reformer and freedom fighter who followed socialist philosophy. He has had an immense contribution to social work, politics and, most importantly, the struggle for freedom against the British.

Kotwal became the vice president of Matheran city ​​in 1941. He became a martyr in 1943 when a British officer shot him while on an underground mission.

The director of Eknath Desale 'Shahid Bhai Kotwal' is produced under the banner of Swarajai Art Media Production and also produced by Pravin Dattatray and Eknath Desale. The premiere of the film is scheduled for January 24, 2020.