Update from Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka, January 1: Roshni regains his memory, Parveen plans against Aman

In the last episode of Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka , A man lose consciousness after Roshni attacks him Kabeer asks Roshni if ​​she accepts her marriage with him.

Before Roshni could answer, A man stabs a dagger in her back. Roshni falls unconscious for a minute and later gains conscious.

Roshni calls A man ‘Khan baba’ and A man understands that she now remembers everything and she is out of Kabeer ’s control.

A man tells Kabeer that he is happy in his own world and does not desire to have extraordinary powers.

Roshni gets emotional and cries seeing A man , he gets unconscious due to the injuries Roshni caused him. Dadi says his wounds are not healing

Parveen He says tonight is the night of shooting stars and the Jinns are the weakest. They have to show their strength to become Badshah.

After resting for a while A man gets better and gains conscious, he thinks that Roshni might leave him because she has got her memory back.

A man distracts her by creating mini clouds and birds in the room. When Roshni tries to talk to him he also gets rain in the house with his magic. Chhotu walks in and A man leaves with him. Roshni gets irritated by him.

It is Chhotu ’s birthday and A man shows him the decorations and preparations he has done for his birthday celebration.

Parveen leaves bugs at A man so he gets scared and comes to the black forest.