Pak government approves changes in Army Law, probably linked to the possession of service chiefs

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan The government at an emergency meeting on Wednesday approved amendments to the Army Law, almost four weeks after it assured the Supreme Court to pass legislation on the extension and re-election of an army chief within six months.

Prime Minister Imran Khan He had extended the mandate of the Gen army chief through a notification on August 19. However, on November 26, the Supreme Court suspended the government's order, citing irregularities in the way in which the head of the army, a close confidant of the prime minister, received an extension.

On November 28, Bajwa received a six-month conditional extension from the superior court, ending an unprecedented legal dispute that shook the government (PTI) and confronted the powerful military against the judiciary.

The president of the court, Asif Saeed Khosa, who headed a three-member bank, announced the verdict after obtaining a guarantee from the government that Parliament will pass legislation on the extension/re-election of an army chief within six months.

In Wednesday's meeting, which was presided over by Prime Minister Khan, the amendments made to the clauses related to the Army chief's tenure and extension were passed unanimously, the Dawn News reported.

The amended bill will now be submitted to Parliament for its entry into force.

Although the details on the amendments are still unclear, the defense minister said it includes a proposal to extend the mandate of the three heads of services.