Treating the 130 'Hindu' crore Indians according to the saffron mentality will not work for the country: Mayawati

LUCKNOW: Supreme BSP Mayawati on Monday he said that it will not do the country any good if its entire population of Rs 130 million is treated as per saffron mentality instead of considering each of them according to the Constitution.

The Supreme of BSP made the comment while extending his New Year's greeting to the people.

Accusing the central and state governments led by BJP of pursuing a narrow and community-based Casteist policy, he also claimed that people stopped expecting any good from them and resolved to improve their luck with their own hard work.

He also said that recent widespread peaceful protests against changes in citizenship law have caused BJP Governments in several states and the Center are without sleep.

It is the BJP and RSS mindset of treating entire 130 population of India as Hindus as per the narrow casteist and communal policies instead of treating them as Indians that the basic humanistic spirit of the Constitution is getting destroyed, said Mayawati.

Owing to the casteist and communal politics of the BJP government in the Center and various states, the people have stopped expecting any good from the government, prompting them to take a pledge to improve their lot by their own work and commitment, she said .

The way the people of all sections of the society and religions, especially the educated ones among them, have hit roads to peacefully protest against the recent changes in the citizenship law, considering it divisive and unconstitutional, has made the BJP governments in the Center and various states go sleepless, she said.