The novel idea of ​​the independent filmmaker to premiere in cinemas

Arunkanth, who made the independent film, Goko Mako, has now completed his next film, titled Indha Nilai Maarum . The movie, he says, is a comedy thriller set in the corporate world.

“The protagonists are two young people who run an internet radio station. They approach a magazine to write an article about them, but they are rejected and insulted. How they get revenge and the fight between them forms the plot, he says Arunkanth who has cordoned off Ramkumar , who played the lead role in Goko Mako, and Ashwin Kumar to interpret the roles of young people. The cast of the movie includes Chaams (which will be seen in 10 different looks of Michael Jackson), YGee Mahendra, TM Karthik, Lakshmy Ramakrishnan and Nivedhitha Sathish, among others.

Interestingly, while independent films barely have screens at the time of release, the director says he has developed a pre-order model with which independent filmmakers can ensure their films have a theatrical performance.

“People who want to watch the movie can book their tickets in advance. Depending on the number of tickets sold, we approach the cinemas and ask for screens. In this way, it is a mutual benefit for both the filmmaker and the theater owner. While the first has a theatrical career, the second gets a confirmed occupation, ”he says.