Umashree is excited to receive Chinnara Chilipili

One of the most popular programs Chinnara Chillipilli returns to television this weekend. Veteran sandalwood Actress Umashree has returned to television as a presenter of the program that will air from this Sunday At 10 am.

The core team of ‘Chinnara Chilipili’ has worked on the theme to take the show to another level. Umashree says, “I am glad to host Chinnara Chilipili which brings out the innocence of children. It’s great to be back on small screen after the gap of several years. ”In the children aged between 3 to 6 years are invited to take part . The main motto of the program is to talk with the children and display their talent before the large audience.

The show which runs for about an hour is comprised of Umashree ’s special narration which is an important highlight of the show.