Update from Kumkum Bhagya, January 1: Ranbir is not sure if he proposed to Prachi

The episode of Kumkum Bhagya start with Aaliya doing Rhea I understand that she should play the good girl card with Ranbir and win his heart by throwing Prachi out from there. Prachi isn't fond of Ranbir and can't trust him because he flirts with everyone and isn't serious about anything in life.

Pragya and Sarita like Ranbir. Sarita asks Prachi what kind of a guy she likes and she says, 'simple guy' with a simple life. Pragya smiles as she also wanted someone like this and also recalls how Abhi was also flirtatious exactly like Ranbir initially. Pragya hugs Prachi.

On the breakfast table, Ranbir thinks he should speak to Rhea before speaking to Prachi because Rhea never confessed that she has feelings for him. In fact, he had convinced her to believe that he loves her. Now that Ranbir has developed feelings for Prachi , he thinks of discussing it with Rhea .

On the other hand, Abhi likes Ranbir for Rhea . Ranbir thinks to himself that he mistook his friendship for Rhea as love and his actual love is Prachi . Pragya promises Prachi that she won't bring Ranbir in their conversations and asks Prachi to share her feelings and views about any guy that she likes. Prachi hugs Pragya.

Abhi is sure that Ranbir loves Rhea because he offered his chair to her at the breakfast table. Purab asks him to speak to Vikram for their marriage but Abhi thinks it's too early.

Ranbir is unsure if I managed to propose Prachi as he can't remember anything because Aryan got him drunk. Ranbir decides to meet Prachi and her behavior towards him will make him sure whether I've proposed to her or not.

Ranbir and Aryan reach outside Prachi 's house. He tries to act all normal and while they walk towards the door, Ranbir is lost in Prachi 's thoughts.