Trai offers more television channels at a lower price.

NEW DELHI: diffusion regulator Trai has come out with a new tariff regulation, which will enable TV subscribers to access more channels at a lesser price. Trai made reforms to the regulatory framework for cable and broadcasting services and capped at Rs 160 the amount consumers will have to pay monthly for all freeto-air channels.

The regulator said it decided that, in the case of households with several televisions in which more than one TV connection works on behalf of one person, it will charge a maximum of 40% of the network capacity rate (NCF) declared for the second and additional TV connections

After examining various provisions, Trai has also reduced the maximum NCF charge to Rs 130 (excluding taxes) for 200 channels. Trai also decided that only those channels that have an MRP of Rs 12 or less will be permitted to be part of the bouquet offered by broadcasters.

In addition, it has also decided that the channels declared mandatory by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting will not be counted in the number of channels in the NCF. The authority has also allowed Distribution Platform Operators (DPOs) to offer discounts on long-term subscriptions of six months or more.

The sum of the a la carte rates of the pay channels forming part of a bouquet shall in no case exceed one-and-a-half times the rate of the bouquet of which such pay channels are a part, Trai said. The a la carte rates of each pay channel (MRP), forming part of a bouquet, shall in no case exceed three times the average rate of a pay channel of the bouquet of which such pay channel is a part, it further said.