Kolkata: the New Year's party on the terrace becomes fatal for a 29-year-old woman

KOLKATA: A 29-year-old woman, celebrating New Year's Eve with her husband on the terrace of her house in Poddarnagar, south of Kolkata, was killed after she fell four floors through a narrow shaft between two adjacent buildings in the early hours of the year. Wednesday.

Sweetie Sutradhar, who used to work in a call center, was found in a pool of blood by neighbors at the bottom of the well of her neighboring building after her husband, Kuntal Acharjee, gave the alarm of her disappearance. He was arrested and interrogated by agents of the homicide department of the Calcutta police until Wednesday night due to certain discrepancies in his statement. However, forensic officers indicated that there were signs that the death was accidental.

Police said Sweetie and Kuntal had returned to their rented apartment after a party around midnight. At that time, a group of residents of the same building were partying on the rooftop. While the others went down around 12:30 a.m., Kuntal told police that he and his wife were drinking.

Kuntal said that after a while, he felt drunk and returned to his third-floor apartment and passed out, said a senior official in the southern suburban division of Kolkata Police. According to him, he woke up in the morning and noticed that his wife was not there, and began a search.

Even when residents started a search, someone opened a well door on the ground floor of the neighboring building and found Sweetie's body. Residents immediately called the officers of the Jadavpur police station, who took her to MR Bangur Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

The axis (in a circle) between the two adjacent buildings, through which Sweetie (left) fell to his death.

Fatal fall of the accidental or suicidal woman, forensic officers suggest

Residents have also told cops that they heard a gasp from a woman sometime between 2.30 a.m. and 3 a.m. on Wednesday, and they even called the police to verify. “A team of officers from the Jadavpur police station visited our department and did a search, but they couldn't find anything. Even the noise had stopped when they arrived, said an old resident of the building.

The officers of the forensic and homicide departments went to the scene. While homicide department officials said nothing concrete could be said about how Sweetie had fallen until they received a detailed post-mortem report, forensic officials suggested it seemed accidental or suicidal.

“If someone had pushed the woman from the terrace, the body would have been kept some distance from the wall during the fall. But the trajectory of the fall does not show such a signal. There are some distinct marks near the wall along the outer wall of the well, which may be present only when the victim tries to hold on to something to prevent the fall, a senior forensic official said.

He added that there were some marks to show that the victim spent considerable time on the edge of the shaft before falling.

The cops said Sweetie, who came from Asansol, married Kuntal, a video editor, a year ago. The couple moved to the Poddarnagar department four months ago. “We have heard that the young man's family owns a hotel in Tarapith. They seemed peaceful and we have never heard any break between them, said Kabita Roy Chowdhury, who lives on the ground floor of the building.

The cops said the two adjacent buildings have a common parapet 2.5 feet high, and were checking if Sweetie had lost her balance in any way. “Since it was new in the building, it is possible that it has tried to cross to the other terrace jumping on the parapet. Those who are not familiar with the place would also not know about the well. You may have accidentally fallen under the influence of liquor. But nothing can be said clearly until we get the post mortem and ante mortem reports, ”said an officer.

“We have started a case of unnatural death. We are studying all angles and we are talking with the residents of the building, along with the husband, to discover how the woman could have fallen, an officer said.