Uttar Pradesh officers will get helicopters to eliminate taxes, CM Yogi Adityanath nods

LUCKNOW: To increase the collection of taxes in the state, the prime minister authorized officials of the rank of additional chief secretary to take state-owned helicopters to visit field visit committees.

When reviewing tax collection in the state during a meeting on Wednesday, the CM said officials responsible for tax collection should conduct regular field visits. He asked the chief secretary, the special tax, the principal secretary, the seal and the registry, and the principal secretary, the power, to visit the 8 divisions. “We have been told to visit two divisions a day. Each division must be reviewed separately. To ensure that we can complete the work on time, the CM has told us to use state helicopters, ”said a senior official.

The state has about 14 lakh of registered merchants and the CM ordered officials to increase this number to at least 50 lakh since UP is a state of high consumption. Interestingly, despite a slowdown in tax collection across the country, UP's tax collection has registered an increase. In November, the collections were approximately 12.4% higher than in the same period in 2018.

Reviews should begin on January 15, the CM said, and weekly goals should be set for district officials that will be monitored at headquarters level.