Chennai: man who stole lingerie caught on camera, hunting

CHENNAI: Police have launched a search for a man who has allegedly been stealing women's lingerie in the area. The man, who is believed to be in his 40s, frequented houses looking for women's underwear that allowed them to dry.

Residents of an apartment complex in New Colony, Adambakkam, found the lingerie of missing women during the nights and reviewed the images from the CCTV camera. They were surprised when the images showed a man hiding his face using a shawl and using a lungi entering the complex by climbing the wall of the complex. They found him spying on the residents' rooms and lifting the lingerie. He apparently made sure the residents were asleep and then stole their clothes.

With the help of surveillance cameras, the police discovered that he only stole underwear from the clothes that were allowed to dry outside the houses and those that hung near the windows. According to the images of the CCTV camera, residents filed a complaint with Adambakkam police.

Police believe the number of victims could be higher. Police sources said residents initially believed that the lingerie could have been accidentally lost until more women filed similar complaints. They suspect that the culprit may have stolen clothes at irregular times from different areas of the neighborhood, making it difficult to capture.

So far, we have not received complaints from residents of other locations, said an investigation officer. As of now, police said they cannot reach a conclusion about the motive of the man who steals the lingerie. The case is strange, said an officer.

Police said the culprit's face was not clearly visible in the CCTV images, although they were confident that their physical appearance could help them resolve the case. The police have not yet registered any cases in relation to the incidents.