A new Dhrubatara daily soap will soon be released

Shyamoupti Mudly de Bajlo Tomar Alor Benu is ready to play the leading role in an upcoming daily soap. This time, the actress will share the screen with popular Bengali actors. Indrajit Bose and Suvajit Kar.

It is likely that the next daily Dhrubatara soap is a triangular love story. Shyamoupti will play the character of Tara, while Indrajit will play Dhruba. Suvajit will be seen playing Tara's childhood friend, Abhi, whom he secretly loves. Neither Abhi nor Tara can profess their feelings for each other. Meanwhile, it shows that Tara's family business faces some problems. The successful businessman, Dhruba, takes advantage of this and promises to help Tara. But he has a condition. To save her family business, Tara will have to marry Dhruba.

Shyamoupti is delighted with her next mega series. The actress, who is still in school, became a family name with the Bajlo Tomar Alor Benu program. She played the character of a sculptor in the show that also had Rahul Dev Bose, Indrasish Roy and others. She was much appreciated for playing the character of Minu. It was also seen in the period drama Rani Rashmoni.

On the other hand, Indrajit and Suvajit are popular actors. They have made a series of Bengali television series. Indrajit was last seen in the daily soap opera Asha Lata, where she played the character of a successful businessman.

Suvajit, who recently married his girlfriend Prriyam, has several shows on his kitten. The busy bee is playing negative roles in Bokul Kotha and Chirodini Ami Je Tomar. It is also part of the popular daily soap Ke Apon Ke Por.