The forces stay away from politics, work on government directive: Rawat

NEW DELHI: Indian armed forces stay away from politics and work according to government orders in office, the new CDS General said Wednesday, in comments following criticism of his comments on leadership and violent protests against the Law on Amendment against Citizenship.

Congress and other opposition parties have not only criticized Rawat for statements with political connotations, the latter being his stance against the protests against the CAA, but also questioning the need for a CDS. The fundamental reform of the CDS publication, by the way, has been suspended since the Kargil conflict in 1999.

When asked about accusations that the armed forces were being politicized after he received a three-service honor guard on Wednesday, Rawat said: “We stay away, we stay away from politics. We work on government directives in power.

At the end of last month, as head of the army, Rawat had criticized people who instigated protests in the country against the new citizenship law, saying leadership was not about guiding crowds, including students, to carry out arson and violence.

The comments had been harshly criticized by opposition leaders. A large part of military officers on duty, as well as veterans, feel that there has been a growing tendency in recent years to unnecessarily politicize the armed forces, from politicians who credit credits for cross-border attacks to UP CM they call 'Modiji ki Sena 'in a Rally Survey.

During the Lok sabha Elections, Prime Minister Modi repeatedly referred to the government's resolution when ordering the air raid against a madarsa in Pakistan known for training terrorists, a decision taken after the jihadist attack on CRPF personnel in.

The use of the armed forces for the construction of bridges, the cleaning of waste in high altitude areas, the organization of events and other diverse tasks also takes away their main role of preparing for war, carrying out anti-terrorism operations and protecting borders, veterans say.