Center rejects the picture of the Day R of Bengal on the scheme of girls

NEW DELHI/KOLKATA: The proposal for the chart for this year's parade has been rejected, the defense ministry said on Wednesday.

“The proposed West Bengal government cadre was examined by the expert committee in two rounds of meetings. The proposal was not carried out for further consideration by the expert committee after the deliberations at the second meeting, ”said a statement from the ministry.

Bengal planned to exhibit his social welfare project, Kanyashree, in direct cash transfer for girls that has received international recognition. Bengal officials were not invited to two successive meetings convened by the defense committee's expert committee to decide on the specifications of the table, state government officials said.

This is the second time since 2015 that Bengal's proposal to exhibit Kanyashree in the Republic Day parade has run into bad weather. There was also a problem in 2018, when the state government wanted to make Ekata-i Sampriti (unity is brotherhood) the central theme of his painting. The state was not represented in the parade in both years.

It is pertinent to mention that the Bengal government cadre was shortlisted to participate in the Republic Day Parade 2019 as a result of the same process. In the recent past, Bengal won first prize in 2014 for an exhibition of paintings and in 2016 for his presentation in Baul artists.

Twenty-two proposals, 16 from states and UT and six from central ministries, out of a total of 56 were shortlisted for this year's parade.