Assistant kills the singer, 3 of his relatives more than 60,000, insults

MEERUT: Police found on Wednesday morning the charred body of a 14-year-old boy from the city, 40 km west of UP, where his father, a singer madre, mother and older sister were killed a day ago.

The defendant, Himanshu Saini, assistant to bhajan singer Ajay Pathak (45), was arrested by Haryana police. According to Panipat police, Saini was arrested while trying to flee after burning Pathak's SUV that had his son, Bhagwad's body in the backseat. The police have sent the charred body for a forensic and post mortem examination.

It all happened a day after Ajay, his wife Pathak (42) and daughter Vasundhra Pathak (16) were killed with a sharp weapon in their Shamli house. Police said that during the interrogation, Himanshu confessed to killing the entire family for not returning 60,000 rupees owed him. Himanshu alleged that Ajay insulted him every time he asked for his money.

During the interrogation, the accused confessed to killing the family with one of the many swords that were kept in his house.

Shamli SP Vineet Jaiswal said: Himanshu had dinner with the family on Monday night and decided to kill them after Ajay allegedly humiliated him for asking for his money.

“After dinner, while the family slept, he first went to Ajay's room and attacked him and his wife Sneha with a sword. Then he went to Vasundhra's room and killed her. Then he strangled Bhagwad, 14, to death, ”said SP Jaiswal. Police said Himanshu planned to get rid of all the bodies. First he brought Bhagwad's body to Panipat. But, when he learned that the news of the murders had spread, he set the car on fire, Jaiswal said.