The increase in the rail fare and the price of LPG will hurt people affected by the fall: the opposition

NEW DELHI: The opposition led by Congress criticized the BJP government for the increase in rail fares and LPG cylinder prices and said the decision would further harm the common man who is already reeling from the effects of an economy in slowdown and rising food prices.

Cornering the Modi government about rising unemployment and food inflation, Congress said it hoped the government would give people some relief. However, the two announcements about the increase in rail fares and the prices of LPG cylinders only push the common man into a deeper financial economic crisis, Congress said.

When asked when the parody imposed voluntarily by the government will end, the congressional spokesman attacked the government for raising the tariffs of the railways. Along with the state of the economy, rising unemployment and falling rural consumption, where even daal and normal cooking oil is unaffordable, how will the common man deal with this injustice?

Referring to rising prices as a cruel New Year's gift to the people of India, leftist parties also criticized the government for attacking people's livelihoods. “Modi's government starts the year. After the increase in the rates of rail passengers, another attack on people's livelihoods. All this due to the sharp loss of jobs, inflation of food prices and the record drop in rural wages, said the CPM secretary general when labeling an article on the increase in LPG prices.

In another tweet, Yechury described the rise in rail fares as a New Year's gift from the Modi government. On January 31, the government increased train fares by one to four per kilometer, according to him. It also increased LPG cylinder rates by 19 per cylinder.

However, the CPI took another step and demanded a setback in the increase, claiming that it was an offer from the government to take a step forward in the privatization of rail operations. “The National Secretariat of CPI expresses its strong opposition to the increase in the rail fare just before the presentation of the budget. This is an unhealthy practice to decouple the budget from the price increase.

The National Secretariat has the option of taking this step to help new private train operators that are being brought by the government to operate trains privately, the CPI said in a statement.