Appointment of CDS transcendental reform: PM Modi

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi On Wednesday he described the creation of the department of military affairs and the institutionalization of the post of chief of defense personnel as transcendental reforms and said that the first CDS, Gen, is an outstanding officer who has served India with great enthusiasm.

The creation of the Department of Military Affairs with the necessary military experience and the institutionalization of the CDS post is a transcendental and comprehensive reform that will help our country to face the ever-changing challenges of modern warfare, Modi tweeted.

“When the first CDS takes over, I pay tribute to all those who have served and given their lives for our nation. I remember the brave staff that fought in Kargil, after which many discussions began about the reform of our armed forces, which led to the historical development of today, he said.

“This institution has a tremendous responsibility to modernize our military forces. It would also reflect the hopes and aspirations of 1.3 billion Indians, ”said Modi.

A key mandate of the CDS will be to facilitate the restructuring of military commands for optimal use of resources through articulation in operations, through the establishment of joint and theatrical commands.