Riva Kishan: I feel more fashionable during winters

Priyaank and Riva are sincere about their connection with Delhi and express their love for winter and the delights of the city.

With his movie debut in theaters this weekend, Priyaank Sharma & Riva Kishan I have been very busy. But when the two arrived in the city to promote their next movie, ' Sab Kushal Mangal ', they simply couldn’t resist pausing in the neighbourhood to experience the Delhi winter. “I am freezing,” said Priyaank Sharma as he walked on the streets of Delhi on the cold winter morning. Talking about his Delhi connection, he shared, “It’s not the first time that I am here. In fact, I have a family in Sainik Farms & I have come to Delhi after three years. I used to roam around GK 1 & GK 2 & would often go on long drives with my friends. I have partied a lot in south Delhi & that’s a very comfortable setting for me.”

For Riva, too, coming to Delhi is not new. She told us: Since my dad ( Ravi Kishan ) Now it's political, mere Dilli aana laga hello rehta hai. Pehle itna zyada nahi hota tha but in the past few years, it has increased.” The actress added, “The best time to visit Delhi is in the winters. I absolutely love winters as I feel the most fashionable during this time. I was born & brought up in Mumbai, so wahan toh sardi hoti nahin hai. We can't wear good jackets there. Echoing the feeling, Priyaank said: Not only the weather, the food is also amazing. Kisi bhi restaurant ke Departure from Delhi Ka Khaha Hamesha Zyada Achcha Hoga.

Since both actors belong to filmi families, there is some pressure on the expectations they face. Priyaank, who is the son of Padmini Kolhapure He said: I don't take pressure or want to do it because if I do, then I won't be able to perform well. If I start comparing myself to my mother or my cousins ​​( Shraddha Kapoor & Siddhanth Kapoor ) then I will never be able to truly devote myself to work. Having said that, I think if I can become half the actor my mom is, then I think I am good.” Riva added, “This debate has been ongoing but I don’t think I am gonna let it affect me. I am here to entertain the audience & that’s all I am going to do. I might be a star kid in the eyes of the people but in reality I am just an actor doing my job. I am just taking my baby steps & I hope the audience will love my work.”