The beginning of the New Year, Tolly style!

The end of the year party at Tollygunge Club It was probably one of the most exciting in the city on Tuesday night. Club members and their guests appeared in hordes to enjoy the night. This is a very special New Year's Eve for Tolly Club. It is the backdrop for the celebration of the club's 125 years, said Anil Mukerji, CEO and managing member of the club. Vice Admiral PK Chatterjee and Anil Mukerji

The party featured an enviable formation of artists such as Louis Banks, Shayne Hyrapiet, Michelle and Sonia Teresa Saigal, who captivated the crowd with their incredible performances. When the clock struck 12 o'clock, everyone packed the dance floor and wished each other a very happy new year. We saw percussionist Bickram Ghosh with wife Jaya Seal Ghosh in doing. Bickram told us: It's always lovely to be present at the club's New Year's Eve party. Jaya, our oldest son, Adit, and I are having a great time. The music is great. Louis Banks and his team are simply phenomenal. I am celebrating the New Year in a relaxed way with my family.


The celebrations were completed with everyone digging in a generous variety of Indian and continental dishes.