Rishi spends 10 days with cops to play a police officer

After making his debut as a gangster in Attu, Rishi Rithvik Now he will put khakhi on his next one, Marijuana. The film, directed by debutante. MD Anand It will be a thriller that will talk about how drug addiction is generating crimes.

Anand says: “We generally blame parents for their children becoming monsters. This movie will show how parents should be vigilant and ensure that their children do not deviate along a dangerous path. The antagonist of the film commits crimes under the influence of marijuana, and the story is about how the hero and heroine, both policemen, catch him.

Rishi reveals that he spent 10 days with cops to prepare for this role. I didn't want any shadow of Attu to come into this role. One of my brothers is a police officer, so I accompanied him with him for 10 days to study the body language of the police to take on this role, ”explains the actor.