Vladimir Kramnik 'surprised' by his third place in the global bombing

CHENNAI Vladimir Kramnik may not be an active player in the Chess circuit when he retired from the classic format early last year. But the former world champion presented his best game in the recently concluded Bombing World Championships in Moscow where he ended up with a bronze champion behind Magnus Carlsen and second place Hikaru Nakamura. What was nice to see was that Kramnik showed that he still had enough ammunition to challenge the best in the world.

The event saw Kramnik record 13 wins, 4 losses and 4 draws. Kramnik revealed that he just wanted to have some fun before heading to the competition. I just (wanted) to enjoy meeting old colleagues and having fun playing, Kramnik told TOI. Not surprisingly, he made some preparations before arriving in Moscow. He had played some blitz games before the event and had some ideas about the openings he was going to play, Kramnik added.

He started on a positive note by scoring 3.5 points in the first four rounds before going to Sergey Karjakin in the fifth. Kramnik's performance increased as the tournament progressed. He was able to beat imaginary opponents like Ian Nepomniachtchi and the young gun Alireza Firouzja. Kramnik felt he had the chance to be more cunning than Carlsen if it wasn't for a foul at the beginning of the crash. “I missed a movement at the beginning of the game that would have given me a great advantage. I immediately saw my mistake after pressing the clock and it was an unpleasant feeling for the rest of the game. And he had played well later, ”Kramnik revealed.

The 44-year-old was surprised at his podium at an event that had the best presentation. “I enjoyed playing and meeting friends. The result was surprising and I consider it a pleasant bonus, ”said Kramnik.