Historian Irfan Habib accuses the governor of Kerala of misquoting Gandhi and Azad for insulting Muslims

AGRA: The historian said Wednesday that he had interrupted Kerala Arif Mohammad Khan's inaugural speech at the Indian History Congress (IHC), as he was quoting erroneously Mahatma Gandhi and Maulana and attribute words to insult the Muslim community.

Citing the governor's address, Irfan Habib said: the governor said that Azad had said that Muslims are dirty water from Hindustan and Gandhi had given statements against them. Habib said that this is absolutely wrong since these leaders had never said such things. I was present at the meeting, which was cited by the governor, said Professor Habib.

He said he would have reacted in the same way, if the governor had misquoted someone else and used inappropriate words against any community. He said he arrested the governor because he was abusing the sacrifices of these great leaders, even when the audience was opposed, he said.

When asked about breaking the protocol, Governor Khan alleged that Habib went as far as to put aside his security assistants while he spoke, Professor Habib said that the History Congress also has a protocol that the police should not They had been deployed in the gallery, but they were present there.

Explaining the series of events of the day, Habib said the police stopped him at the stand when he was heading for the governor and that goes against the IHC rules. He said: I pushed them back and walked towards him.

He admitted that he asked the governor to quote, when he did not stop speaking against Maulana Azad and Mahatma Gandhi.

On December 28, the governor of Kerala, Arif Mohammed Khan, alleged that the eminent Habib tried to interrupt his inaugural address at the Indian History Congress and said that this intolerance towards a different opinion was undemocratic. In a series of tweets, the Governor said efforts were made to interrupt his speech on stage and of the audience during the INC in.