Now, Vadodara police will recover compensation for damages during protests against CAA

VADODARA: will recover from criminals who damaged police vehicles during a protest against the Citizenship Law (Amendment) () in the Hathikhana area here last month, police said Wednesday.

Commissioner Anupam Singh Gehlot said police had assessed the damage caused to vehicles with stones on December 20.

The damage was estimated at Rs 40,000, he said, adding that police will approach a court with a request to recover compensation from protesters, he said.

Police trust the 2018 Supreme Court order on how to repair liability and recover compensation for damages caused to public and private property during violence in a case of Kodungallur Film Society, he said.

This order had helped Surat police recover compensation from protesters, Gehlot said.

For Vadodara police, it would be the first instance of moving a court to seek compensation from protesters, he added.

So far, police have arrested 40 people in connection with the violence on December 20.

A police officer was injured during the throwing of stones and some police vehicles were damaged.

Police launched ten tear gas shells and fired two rounds in the air to control the mafia.

Four of the main defendants were arrested Tuesday, three of them from Ahmedabad, Chaklasi and Godhra, authorities said.