Rising rail fares, the price of LPG cylinders will put the common man in a deeper financial crisis: Congress

NEW DELHI: Wednesday closed the rise in rail fares and the price of LPG cylinders, saying it will put the common man in a deeper financial crisis.

The congressional spokesman said the increase comes at a time when the economy is in ruins.

The question is when the parody will end, Dev asked, stating that the walk was injustice towards the poor.

It is a fair New Year's gift for the common man, Congress thinks it is not, he said.

We want to ask, can't you see the plight of ordinary people, Dev said.

Given the state of the economy, given the condition of unemployment, Congress hoped that the government would give a break to the common man, but has acted on the contrary, he said.

The main spokesman for Congress also attacked the government for a walk, saying that those who lead the nation should think above personal and political interests.

On December 31, the government increased train fares marginally from one paisa to four paisa per kilometer, depending on the class of travel. It also increased the rates of LPG cylinders by Rs 19 per cylinder.