Nine more deaths in the Kota hospital, the number of December increases to 100

KOTA: At least nine more babies have died in the last two days of December in this place, increasing the death toll to 100 per month, authorities said Wednesday. The death of 10 children in the government-run hospital for a period of 48 hours from December 23 to 24 provoked criticism from the opposition.

However, hospital authorities said the number of deaths reported at the health center in 2019 was less than 1,005 in 2018.

According to the hospital superintendent, the children died mainly due to low birth weight.

On Tuesday, a BJP parliamentary team composed of parliamentarians Locket Chatterjee, Kanta Kardam and Jaskaur Meena visited the hospital and expressed concern about their infrastructure.

The panel said two to three children were found in single beds and that the hospital did not have enough nurses.

Previously, the National Commission for the Protection of the Rights of the Child (NCPCR) had sent a justified cause notice to the government of Congress in the state.

Pigs were found roaming the hospital campus, said its president, Priyank Kanoongo.

A government committee ruled that the babies received proper treatment.