Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti 2020: wishes, messages, quotes, images, Facebook status and Whatsapp

Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti is an important day for people of the Sikh religion. The day marks the birthday of the tenth Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh Ji, who is considered one of the most famous Sikh gurus. Born in 1469, he worked in a barn for many years before being attracted to his religious work. He was a great writer and most of his teachings are written in the form of hymns and the followers believe that his Guru brought enlightenment to the world.

For his valuable contribution, philosophy, poetry and spiritual teachings, Guru Gobind Singh Ji is considered eternal. Therefore, on this blessed day, his legacy is honored and his hymns are appreciated.

The auspicious day, which will be celebrated on January 2 of this year, will be a noble celebration. Gurudwaras will be decorated and traditional offerings will be offered to honor the birth of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Usually, special delicacies are prepared and the Sikhs remember their great guru praying for the prosperity of their loved ones and listening to the poetry of Gobind Singh.

In some places, processions take place and people sing devotional songs or listen to poetry written by their guru. During the procession, delicious sweets and cold drinks or sharbat are also shared between children and adults.n While it is a day to celebrate and celebrate devout processions with loved ones, you can also choose to send some special greetings, images and wallpapers to Pay your respects and bless those who feel far away and make the thought count.

Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti 2020: Wishes, Messages

Here are some examples of greetings and wishes for Guru Gobind Jayanti, which can be shared on Facebook, Twitter and instant messaging platforms such as Whatsapp and Messenger.

You can also send these beautiful stickers to other faithful to celebrate the day with all your spirit.

Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti 2020: Quotes, Images

Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti 2020: Facebook & Whatsapp status

Happy guru Nanak Jayanti! May everything you wish come true this year!

Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti 2020: Wishes, Quotes

Jyo kar suraj nikleya, Tare suck haner ploa. Miti dhund jag chanan hoa, Kaal taarn guru nanak aiya

May Wahe Guru pour out his blessings on you! Happy Gurpurab

Raj Karega Khalsa, Aakee Rehae Naa Koe, Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Happy Gurpurab

Sabhna jiya ka ek daataa

so mai visar na jaaee

May Guru Nanak Birthday

Enlighten your heart and mind

with knowledge and holiness

Happy guru Nanak Jayanti!

Kissi Ne Pucha Tera Gharbaar Kitna Hai

Kissi Ne Pucha Tera Karobaar Kitna Hai

Kssi Ne Pucha Tera Parivaar Kitna Hai

Koi Virla Hi Puch Da Hai,

Tera Guru Naal Pyaar Kitna Hai ..

Happy Guru Purub

Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti 2020: Messages, Images

Satguru Nanak pargateya, mitti dund jag chanan hoya, Aap ji nu sri Guru Nanak Devji of Gurpurab dian lakh-lakh vadaiyan.Happy Gurpurab.

May happiness and blessings surround you as we unite to remember the beloved Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

Remain in peace in the home of your own being, and the Messenger of Death cannot touch you. - Guru Nanak

There are worlds and more worlds beneath them, and there are one hundred thousand heavens above them. No one has been able to find the limits and borders of God. If there is any account of God, then only the mortal can write the same; but the story of God does not end, and the mortal himself dies while still writing. - Guru Nanak

On this auspicious occasion of Gurpurab, I wish you to be bathed in the divine blessings of Gurunanak Dev Ji today and forever.

Happy guru Nanak Jayanti!

Enlighten your heart and mind

With knowledge and holiness!

As you walk with Guru, you walk in the light of existence, away from the darkness of ignorance, you leave behind all the problems of your life. Happy guru Nanak Jayanti!

May the name of Waheguru Jee be in your heart ... HAPPY GURPURAB !!!

And remember for you that he is always there, he lives in the eternal bliss of Guruji's care ... Happy Guru Nanak Dev Ji Jayanti!

May Guru Nanak Birthday enlighten your heart & mind with knowledge & sanctity. Happy guru Nanak Jayanti!

May your life be full of golden days always with the warm blessings of Guru on the birthday of Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

Nanak naam jahaaz hai, Jo chadhe so uttre paar! Happy guru Nanak Jayanti!

Nanak naam chardi kala

Tere bhane sarbat da bhalla

Happy Guru Nanak Gurpurab