Joaquin Phoenix's 'Joker' had a shocking alternative ending

The hit comics movie 'Joker' has a terrifying ending, but there was an even more shocking and horrible alternative to Todd Phillips movie, starring Joaquin Phoenix in the leading role.

In a podcast recently, filmmaker Kevin Smith He claimed that there was an alternate ending planned for the now successful film.

In the climax of the official version, Arthur Fleck, also known as Joker (Phoenix), follows Thomas and Martha Wayne and kills them, leaving young Bruce Wayne (who will later become Batman). In the alternate ending, Joker also kills Bruce.

Originally, the ending in the hospital was different. He's in the hospital and he laughs, chuckles, and he says, 'I was just thinkin' of something funny '. What was supposed to happen was you flashed back to the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne, and it was him (Joker) killing Thomas and Martha Wayne and the boy was screaming and crying and he turned to walk away and he turned back, shrugged, and shot the kid. Credits, he said.

the Warner Bros. El proyecto se ha convertido en la película R-rating más taquillera de todos the tiempos, y ha cruzado la marca de $ 1 mil millones en la taquilla mundial. De hecho, el impacto es profundo ya que ha provocado una conversación en torno a la salud mental. Un seguimiento de la película también está en proceso.

Phoenix is ​​being considered a candidate for Best Actor Oscar this year.