IIMs seek fee waiver in teaching positions

NEW DELHI: The 20 (IIM) have requested that they be exempted from reserving positions in the teaching staff for the Scheduled Caste (SC), the Scheduled Tribe (ST), Other Overdue Classes (OBC) and the Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) .

The Ministry has asked the main business schools, which currently do not offer reservations in teaching positions, to provide a quota in teaching positions for candidates SC, ST, OBC and EWS.

According to the officials, the B schools made the request saying that they adopt a fair recruitment process and provide equal opportunities to all, including the disadvantaged sectors of society.

Until now, IIMs have been following the 1975 order of the Department of Personnel and Training that exempted the scientific and technical positions of the reserve policy. IIM- Ahmedabad is caught in a battle on the subject in the higher court.

In November 2019, the Ministry of Human Resources Development wrote to all the institutes to guarantee the implementation of the Law of Central Educational Institutions (Reserve in the Teachers' Chart).

On Wednesday, a separate communication was sent to all IIMs to guarantee the 'reservation of positions in direct recruitment', considering the institute as a unit, as specified in the Law that entered into force on March 7, 2019.