Anti-CAA protests in Delhi: BJP blames AAP, the Congress for the violence; 'bet to divert attention' says AAP

NEW DELHI: The ongoing blame game between rivals in the upcoming Delhi assembly polls on a series of problems intensified on Wednesday with BJP Leader Prakash Javadekar blaming the AAP and responsible for the violent protests in the city against the amended citizenship law.

The AAP and Congress leaders misled people and incited them for violence during protests against CAA in the city, alleged Javadekar who is incharge of Delhi BJP for the assembly polls.

He said both sides should apologize to the people of the city.

The AAP and Congress rubbished Javadekar's charges and hit back at the BJP.

and Congress are responsible for violence during protests of the Citizens Amendment Act (CAA) in Delhi. Both sides did not condemn the violence in the country and its people incited it, Javadekar told a press conference.

He appointed leaders of the AAP and Congress in relation to violence in the areas of Jamia, Daryaganj and Seelampur during violent protests over the amended citizenship law in the city last month.

"In Jamia violence, Congress Leader Asif Khan and AAP MLA Amantullah have been accused of inciting people. Congress's Chaudhary Mateen Ahamad and AAP MLA Ishraq Khan and councilor Abdul Rahman in Seelamnagar, and Congress Leader Mahmood Pracha in connection with Daryaganj violence, are either accused or facing investigation," said the Union minister.

Senior AAP Leader and deputy chief minister said the BJP was trying to divert people's attention from real issues by making such allegations.

AAP is completely opposed to riots (violence) and we all know which party is delivered. The masters of the riots are accusing others and trying to distract people's attention from real problems, he said.

Javadekar also blamed Okhla MLA Amanatullah Khan of AAP for giving a speech and tricking people about citizenship law by claiming that Muslim rights will be restricted.

Amanatullah Khan delivered a speech of incitement to the riots, claiming that CAA will lead to banning the burqa, the speakers in the mosques, the cap and the beard ... but where is the relationship? , Bangladesh and Afghanistan, he said.

Sisodia said that Javadekar was playing an old song in view of the Delhi assembly polls that will be held this year.

It is an old tape that BJP has played earlier also and it is playing the same old tape again through a new tape recorder. Javadekar should understand that Delhi elections would not be fought on the old tapes but on real issues like education, Sisodia he said.

The main spokesman for the Delhi Congress, Mukesh Sharma, described the charges of Javadekar as unfounded and a drama following the elections.

Congress believes that CAA has terrified a large part of the people of Delhi over citizenship issues. We will not deviate from such unfounded accusations and will continue to peacefully protest against the amended citizenship law, Sharma said.

Javadekar said there is now peace in the country after violent protests because people have realized the truth behind the rumors related to CAA.