Child dies in Alwar hospital fire: two doctors among six suspended

JAIPUR: The government suspended two doctors, three nurses and a child from the ward on Wednesday and canceled the services of a contractual employee, one day after a child died in a fire that broke out in the care unit of the newborn. Two doctors, those in charge of the unit, Mahesh Sharma and Kirpal Singh, who were on duty when the fire broke out, were suspended, said the director of the Department of Medicine and Health, KK Sharma.

In addition to the two doctors, three nurses and a ward boy were also suspended based on a preliminary investigation report, he added.

An electrician, who was on a contractual appointment at the hospital, was also fired.

A young girl received critical burns in the fire incident at Geetanand Government Hospital on Tuesday.

She succumbed to wounds during treatment at J K Lon hospital in Jaipur on Wednesday.