Shiv Sena 'betrayed' BJP, public mandate in Maharashtra: Devendra Fadnavis

PALGHAR: The former Prime Minister of Maharashtra accused Wednesday of Shiv Sena of betraying the public mandate by forging an alliance with the PCN and forming a government after state elections.

When addressing a rally here, Fadnavis asked people to respond appropriately to the party led by Uddhav Thackeray in the upcoming zilla parishad polls in Palghar.

It is unfortunate that the Shiv Sena has to compromise with those who abused Hindutva ideologue V D Savarkar, the BJP The leader said, wondering how many days the Thackeray-led government will survive amid internal struggles.

The Sena not only betrayed the public mandate but also its pre-poll ally BJP with which it jointly contested the assembly elections, he alleged.

Fadnavis said in the assembly polls held in October last year, the BJP won 70 per cent of the seats that it contested and emerged as the single largest party, while the Shiv Sena bagged only 45 per cent of the seats that it fought.

Citizens gave a clear mandate to the BJP - Shiv Sena combine, but unfortunately due to betrayal by the Sena, which joined hands with the NCP and Congress, the BJP has to remain out of power, the leader of opposition in the assembly said .

Hitting out at chief minister and Shiv Sena president for betraying the BJP, he said from day one (since Sena formed government with the NCP and Congress), the three parties were not able to decide the names of ministers.

Even after the selection of ministers, there is growing discontent among the Shiv Sena leaders and activists, and in case of the Congress, its activists have even gone to the extent of ransacking their party offices, he said.

In particular, some supporters of the MLA Sangram Thopte Congress attacked the party office in Pune on Tuesday to protest against their non-inclusion in the Maharashtra ministry.

Fadnavis said people of Maharashtra gave a clear majority to the BJP - Shiv Sena combine to form government, but later things took a different turn and citizens have a witness to the political developments in the state.

It is unfortunate that it took weeks (for the Thackeray-led alliance) to finalize government formation and then form the Cabinet, the BJP leader said.

On the agricultural loan exemption scheme announced by Thackeray, he said: It is nothing more than an eye wash and several conditions are attributed to it, as a result of which almost 60 lakh farmers in the state will not benefit from the scheme.

The Shiv Sena made tall claims that the 7/12 (land title) of farmers would be wiped clean (of liabilities).

They have taken farmers for a walk and none of them will get the benefit, Fadnavis said, while reminding Thackeray that he had previously demanded Rs 25,000 per hectare for farmers who suffered crop losses.

Now, they have kept their word again, he claimed.

Fadnavis said when the Shiv Sena is queried about it, the party points fingers at Prime Minister Narendra Modi (for assistance).

Did you ask Modiji when you joined hands with the NCP and Congress? No doubt, Modiji will help you, but remember farmers and citizens of the state will make your (Shiv Sena 's) political slate blank and show you the door, I said

This government will be controlled not from 'Matoshree' (Thackeray's residence in Mumbai), but by the Matoshree of Delhi, Fadnavis said in sarcastic statements, apparently referring to the main leaders of Congress.

On Uddhav Thackeray's comments that he gave a word to his father, the late Balasaheb Thackeray, to make Shiv Sainik the prime minister of Maharashtra, Fadnavis asked if the CM said he would do so with the help of the PNC and Congress.

Balashaeb will cry in heaven if he finds out about the Sena movement in state policy, he said.

I asked BJP activists to go to every house in Palghar and tell them about the work done by the party in the last five years.