Mumbai's laugh club welcomes 2020 with fun

As the city said goodbye to 2019 and welcomed a new decade with dance parties, home meetings and more, Mumbai's laugh club He welcomed the beginning of the year in a special way. They met at Chowpatty Beach and brought the year with laughter, fun and fun. BT arrived at the colorful celebrations ...

Dawn of a new decade


The group of about 85 participants met early in the morning at the outdoor venue. They had planned this activity beforehand and were waiting for their party in the sands said Kishore H Kuvavala, who had led the entire celebration. We had decided to join together to say Goodbye 2019 and Welcome 2020 in our own way. All ours Laughter cub members had got cards tied with balloons. They brought whistles and handkerchiefs as props. We had decided to go with the dress code of blue in order to match the sea water and morning sky.” As is the usual plan, they engaged in different designed Laughter s such as ‘Ho, ho, ha ha ha’ and also had a ‘ Welcome 2020 Laughter'.


They even created a theme rangoli as part of the fun. Post the New Year Laughter party , everyone enjoyed snacks like idlis, cake and wafers with some hot tea .