PFI's role in violence is presented, Ministry of Interior to decide on the action: RS Prasad

NEW DELHI: The Union minister said Wednesday that the role of the Popular Front of India (PFI) is presented in violence and that the Interior Ministry will decide on an action against the evidence-based organization.

PFI's role in violence is being presented. The Interior Ministry will decide on new evidence-based measures. There are many complaints against him, including the connection with the Islamic Student Movement of India (SIMI), Prasad told reporters here.

Earlier, DGP OP Singh wrote a letter to the Ministry of Interior, requesting the ban of PFI citing investigations of the organization's participation in violent protests against the Citizenship Law (Amendment) on December 19.

PFI, an organization based in Delhi, was founded on November 22, 2006.

He had also arrested three PFI members, including his state president. (AND ME)