RBI application to help visually impaired people identify tickets

MUMBAI: Reserve Bank of India ( RBI ) Governor Shaktikanta Das launched a new mobile application on Wednesday to help visually impaired people identify the denomination of bills, an official said.

Known as the Mobile Help Notes Identifier (MANI), the RBI app It can be freely downloaded from Android Playstore or iOS App Store.

This new application will help people with visual impairment to identify the denomination of the Indian banknotes of the Mahatma Gandhi series and the Mahatma Gandhi series (new) by capturing the image of the notes placed in front of the rear camera of the mobile. The application will generate an audio and non-sound notification that insinuates the denomination of the monetary note for the user, an official said.

The notes, under the 'Mahatma Gandhi (New) Series', with significant changes in sizes and designs were introduced after the demonetization of November 2016, when the Rs 1,000 and Rs 500 notes were fired.

Under the new series, the 10 rupee, 20 rupee, 50 rupee, 100 rupee, 200 rupee, 500 rupee and 2,000 rupee bills have been thrown in recent years.

However, there were reports of problems faced by people with visual problems to identify these new notes and conduct their routine business.

The new RBI app will resolve the issues and also allow users to choose/change the language, select/change impairment, voice commands, currency identification using the camera, the history of identified currency for last 30 days, among other features.