This is what Siddharth likes to see in the movies

Actor Siddharth is someone known to select his Films with care. The actor has a process for choosing Films with care and one of his criterion I should want to see the movie in theaters.

So, what kind of Films does he see? Reveals the actor, "For me, a theatre-going experience has always meant cinema as an entertaining reflection of life. What I like to see in cinema is an entertaining depiction of reality. When growing up, you learn about the world either by reading or listening to other people’s experiences or by experiencing life yourself. Today, cinema forms an important part of this. So, show me something (from life) that I haven’t seen before, and show that in an entertaining way."

This is also why the actor isn't a fan of Films based on Films . "I have a problem with that because I generally believe Films should be made based on life. Take the root from life and then you make it entertaining. If you take the root itself from another film, you are doing the same thing again and again, which I don’t particularly enjoy doing," states the actor.