Vijay sir reacted uniquely to Master's poster: Gopi

The first glimpse of Master, Vijay's next highly anticipated film with Lokesh Kanagaraj , was released on Tuesday. The poster, which presents Vijay in a blurred fashion, was an instant talking point on social media. The blurriness in the poster reflects Vijay’s character in the film, poster designer Gopi Prasannaa tells us.

“The initial idea was to just go with the picture in the poster. But at the design table, I wondered if it needed a new layer. That is when I cracked the blurred effect idea. The blurred effect, in turn, is very close to the character. Once I pitched this idea, the entire team, including Lokesh and Vijay sir, became really excited. Epdi ipdi pudikiranga idea-va nu solli, they were really kicked, ”he adds with a smile.

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Once he got the idea, everything fell into place for the first look. “The blurriness is not there for the sake of it. It is very connected to the core of the movie. The audience also knows that there is something in the poster, but do not know the details. They will figure it out once the other characters are revealed, ”Gopi says, adding that Vijay was extremely happy with the poster. “This is the sixth time I’m working with him. Vijay sir reacted uniquely this time because he loved it. I cannot reveal anything more. All I can say is that we have more such interesting posters in the pipeline, which will be released soon, ”he signs off.