Egypt says 22 dead in a car accident in the north of the country

EL CAIRO: Health authorities say that about two dozen people, mostly workers, were killed on Saturday when a minibus collided with a truck on a road in the north Egypt .

Officials said in a statement that the minibus, a vehicle widely used in Egypt as communal taxis, was bringing the laborers from a garment factory in Port Said. The city is around 200 kilometers (around 125 miles) north of the capital, Cairo .

At least 22 people died in the accident, which took place on a highway that connects the cities of Port Said and, according to the statement. The workers were from Damietta.

Eight others were injured, some of them seriously. All victims were taken to nearby hospitals and morgues for treatment and identification, according to the statement.

Egypt has a history of serious bus and car crashes because of speeding, careless driving, poor road conditions and poor enforcement of traffic laws.

The country's official statistics agency says there were more than 8,000 traffic accidents in 2018, leaving more than 3,000 dead and about 12,000 injured.